Love Music – Hate Racism

On Saturday, 28 July 2012 the demonstration Love Music – Hate Racism takes place, beginning at 16:30. We call on you to dance with us and raise your voice and feet against everyday life racism and racist violence!

Racist violence? In my city?

In recent months the mobile victim consultation documented five racist attacks in Halle. An assault on a man from Jordan at a tram stop in April, the attack on a man from Sierra Leona and his partner in a tram line at the end of May or the brutal assaults on a person of color in May and June in the city park and on the Peißnitz. That’s just a small excerpt of what’s happening here. Many other incidents appeared merely as side notes in the local press or didn’t even enter public consciousness.

Racist violence – be it physically, psychologically or structurally – does not emanate only from neo-Nazis. The offenders are all too often people from the so-called middle-ground of society: Policemen and -women, who search primarily people of color for drugs, fathers and mothers, who badmouth “the foreigners” at the kitchen table, white people who do rather not want to sit near a person of color when travelling by bus, or Germans who see themselves as apolitical and beat up asylum seekers. All this is also reflected in racist special laws.

Racist? Not us!

Racism is like other inhuman ideologies deeply rooted in our society. Be it “debates about integration” initiated by allegedly political role models like Thilo Sarrazin (SPD), be it the shameless conceptual reduction of the racist murders of the NSU, which were reported as “kebab killings” by the media: both are prominent symptoms for the German reality of 2012 and for a social climate in which human beings are separated into “nationals” and “foreigners”. Who is seen as “foreign” in the eyes of many Germans is not (only) determined by the passport. Biologistic traditions show themselves when people are astonished by an Afro-German from Dresden speaking with Saxon dialect or when people expect of families to cook typically Turkish for school socials although these families live here since three generations. Specifically, this division is usually associated with certain ascriptions: “Japanese” are always polite, “Poles” snitch, “Turks” smell of garlic and “Africans” have a great sense of rhythm – one can hear all that in every social stratum, on construction sites as well as in lecture halls. If negative or purportedly positive: Ascriptions cement differences where none are. Everyone has different talents, abilities and characteristics. But those features result from individual development and cannot be explained by an artificial concept of “race”.

And now?

This society doesn’t have to stay as it is. Each one of us helps to shape it and can therefore change it. That’s why you should come and dance with us against racism and for a free society without mechanisms of exclusion. We show our solidarity with those affected by racist acts of violence and with those who are daily faced with racism.

Racist ideology and violence must be fought – whether in agencies, in pubs, in schools, in universities, within jobs, in sports clubs or in the streets!


Therefore: 28 July 2012, 16:30, Riebeck-Platz
Step out (of line) and act against racism!